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Michael Salgaller

08.15.2016 |    5,447 |   reply |
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Recently, Genetic Engineering News published a list of what they believe will be the top 10 biotech jobs most in demand over the next decade. For those looking for moving beyond the bench, starting their science career, or just looking for a change, the list proposes where the likeliest landing spots are located. I’ve provided a little taste of what such positions do, so that you can do an initial assessment on whether it might be of interest. #10 – Epidemiologist Are you the detective type? Do you enjoy examining clues, determining why something happened … and then going beyond that to...

Judy Lytle

07.04.2016 |    5,304 |   reply |
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Ok, so the luster of the ivory tower has worn off.  But you spent at least five years getting that degree, and maybe have struggled through your 4th and 5th post-doctoral positions. Now what? Is it time to rock it like a hobo, traveling across the U.S. in search of your...

Hamilton Lenox

03.01.2016 |    3,140 |   reply |
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My name is Hamilton Lenox, and welcome to my first blog on Bio Careers.   When I was first approached and asked to contribute to the site, I readily agreed, in the hopes that I could potentially offer some insights that will help others who are just starting their careers, or...

Tom Ruginis

02.22.2016 |    3,671 |   reply |
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It was summer of 2005, the beginning of a PhD program at the University of IL-Chicago.  I was grateful for my Student Mentor, Aaron Place, as he taught me the ropes. I was comfortable. Then classes started and I couldn’t stay awake. A dark auditorium and 8am classes?! Doubts began. Will...

Virginie Adam

09.14.2015 |    4,925 |   reply |
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Have you ever wondered what you would’ve done if you hadn’t gone into science and gotten a PhD? When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a vet or an interior designer. More recently, I wondered if I’d have made a good urban planner or human resources manager! Over...
Tags: career, personality, skill, strength, test

Renda Hawwa

07.31.2015 |    5,997 |   reply |
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Two words that can evoke either feelings of pure excitement or pure fear: Startup Company.  Startups are common in the biotechnology world, as there are many brilliant scientists and business savvy people with innovative ideas and plans of how to implement them. After finishing my PhD in medicinal chemistry/structural biology, I was...
Tags: is start up a good option, working for startup companies

Clement Weinberger

10.31.2014 |    7,766 |   reply |
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My name is Clement Weinberger, and I am a freelance medical writer. I retired as Director of Medical Communications in the Medical Affairs Department of a biopharma company about 6 years ago, and started a freelance business.   Of course, my professional life didn't start there. In this, and in forthcoming...
Tags: what to do with my career, when career plans don’t go my way

Charlotte Mitchell

10.27.2014 |    9,453 |   reply |
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Believe it or not, but being a scientist leaves you with quite a few career choices in both science-related and unrelated fields.  You do want to choose carefully, because moving back into a field that you previously left definitely has some challenges. However, in some cases, it can work to your...
Tags: recruiting as a career path, science recruiter

Amber O’Connor

09.29.2014 |    8,471 |   reply |
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This month, I thought I’d share with you some of the administrative things I’ve had to learn and complete when it comes to starting my freelance science writing business.   Having your own business means that you charge for services to earn income, and that you are responsible for assuring the...
Tags: how to start a freelance writing business, things needed to start up a business

Suzane Ramos da Silva

06.18.2014 |    9,725 |   reply |
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In my first blog at Bio Careers, I would like to discuss the options that scientists have when they finish their postdocs. When you are at the limbo phase, you must decide which will be the next move, and for that you need to consider your own natural skills and...
Tags: changing career to industry, industry vs. academia

Kia Walcott

05.14.2014 |    7,075 |   reply |
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Hi there! My name is Kia and I’m very excited to join the Bio Careers family! I thought I’d introduce myself in this first post and let you get to know a little about me. Like anyone else, I have had a bunch of experiences, made more than my fair...
Tags: Options for scientists, other career path for scientists

Fabian Zanella

04.29.2014 |    16,054 |   reply |
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As I was finishing my PhD, I faced a dilemma that comes across the minds of many PhD graduates: To stay in academia or try to transition to an industry job. In my case, I took the first option--even after being tempted with a few industry positions that paid more generous...
Tags: Benefits of working in Academia, why academia is better than industry

Charlotte Mitchell

04.21.2014 |    51,780 |   reply |
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I am very excited to be writing blog posts for the Bio Careers community and hope that my experiences can help other PhD scientists discover their own career path. In this first introductory blog, I want to tell you all a little bit about myself and also address an issue...
Tags: benefits of recruiter in life science, how to become a recruiter

Lauren Celano

04.16.2014 |    47,672 |   reply |
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A mentor is someone who shares both wisdom and knowledge. Most often a person that is more senior in a role or specific area of expertise. A mentor can be extremely valuable for advice, insight, and professional and personal development. The importance of having a good mentor cannot be overstated;...
Tags: how to find mentors, mentors for life science

Terrell Brotherton

04.01.2014 |    13,440 |   reply |
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On my first blog for Bio Careers®, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, my career path up to this point, and what I would like to share with you in future posts.  My career path has been anything but straight, with frequent detours to both...
Tags: what are my career options, what career is for me

Sandlin Seguin

02.11.2014 |    13,274 |   reply |
No votes yet

Sometimes the science career track can feel like a track you are stuck on. If you are starting to feel like your career options are limited to being faculty or failure, or that you just want to give up and go back to school to learn a trade, you might...
Tags: how to look for jobs, what is the right job for me

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

02.04.2014 |    10,686 |   reply |
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Who cares where you go after graduate school, or after your postdoc?  You may think no one cares, but in fact a lot of people do (see, for example, responses to the PhD Placement Project). There is a huge movement right now in the US to track graduates. There is the...
Tags: Careers after graduate school, what happens after postdoc

Michael Salgaller

01.17.2014 |    12,984 |   reply |
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After looking over many of these blog posts, one important area to discuss is the scientist as an inventor, adventurer, and entrepreneur. My career has had a long, winding path. Sometimes the terrain was sufficiently tortuous that I dreamt of being reincarnated as a Land Rover. I’ve been promoted several...
Tags: career questions, searching for more

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