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Ron Hunter

03.11.2015 |    6,888 |   reply |
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Chemists work everywhere!  Over the years, I interviewed for jobs ranging from forensic chemist at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to research professor at Drexel University.  As PhDs, we have mastered the art of learning. As a result of completing an ultra-specific dissertation, one of our best talents becomes our capability to learn. One of my favorite quotations from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes from the character Charlie Kelly as portrayed by Charlie Day. He says, “Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire...
Tags: working for the CDC

Ray Wang

02.14.2012 |    14,546 |   1 reply |
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The Chinese people began to build the Great Wall of China in the 5th century BC. The great wall is for protecting the country from invasion, theft and plunder. Today, as we enter the globalized technical-oriented industrial/business world, protection like the Great Wall is still needed, even more essentially. That...
Tags: business development, chemicals, industry, patent

Ray Wang

11.18.2011 |    8,953 |   reply |
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When I was in grad school, in a well funded research center, I never thought about what could kill a project. Every project last for 2-3 years, or even more. I stayed in the same DOE project throughout my whole grad school career. However, when I came to an industrial/business...
Tags: Business, industry, PhD, project, R&D

Ray Wang

08.30.2011 |    13,660 |   reply |
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From the first day I took this half research-half business job, I thought of my role as a pair of jobs in two parts. Not too much relevance. However, after I took my first international business trip to China, I knew I was totally wrong.  The major purpose of this trip...
Tags: Business, communication, Ph.D, R&D, Research

Ray Wang

08.09.2011 |    12,936 |   reply |
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Time and time again, when the Nobel Prizes were announced, one of my friends repeated his theory: you’ve got to stay alive long enough to wait for the prize coming to you. That was just his joke after seeing so many winners are actually over 70 years old. However, it...
Tags: Business, career, health

Siva Muthukrishnan

06.28.2011 |    13,953 |   reply |
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I am Siva Muthukrishnan, a Scientist at the Fabric and Home Care Business of The Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, USA.  As this is my first venture at writing a blog with a career focus, I will try to share some stories that might add perspectives to your career....
Tags: Academia, Consumer Products, industry

Ray Wang

06.14.2011 |    12,513 |   reply |
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Do you remember the character played by George Clooney who has 10 million flight miles in the movie “Up In the Air?” That might be a little extreme for normal people. Check out your account. How many do you have? 20,000? Well, last week I had a meeting with a...
Tags: Academia, communication, industry, networking, Skill Building

Ray Wang

05.26.2011 |    26,801 |   3 reply |
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Although I decided to go for an industrial career, I still had a chance to get a taste in a national lab before I graduated. I knew I wouldn’t be working there in the future, so I took a more objective angle to look at everything there. As the saying...
Tags: Academia, Business, career development, industry

Ray Wang

05.11.2011 |    34,723 |   4 reply |
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5 pm, it’s about time to get ready to go home. What did I do today? A long but productive conference call in the morning with an oil field customer in Louisiana and two colleagues from the marketing department about the new product.  Then, I participated in the big safety...
Tags: Academia, Business, Changing careers, industry, Leadership, transition

Christie Canaria

10.07.2010 |    13,783 |   reply |
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Hello, world! It’s a pleasure to be writing for Bio Careers – my first entry and my first blog. I consider myself fortunate to have enjoyed science from a number of vantage points (in no particular order): mixing art and science; academia and a graduate degree; my first job in...
Tags: Career Planning, Changing careers, grad school

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