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Ron Hunter

02.11.2015 |    7,435 |   reply |
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My grandmother often remarked that I had been here before, which meant that I was an old soul.  More than knowing what I wanted as a child, I anticipated the future with a sixth sense. This remained true until the end of graduate school. I finished my PhD in chemistry, and all of the anecdotal evidence about transitioning to a job seemed false. Companies were not showering me with job offers.  The route of academia would require a postdoc, and I needed respite from laboratory research. For the first time in my life, I had no plan. I applied to everything frantically....

Kristi Ashley

12.14.2011 |    8,602 |   reply |
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I just returned from a 9 day vacation in the Caribbean. Most of the time, we see the beautiful resorts and beaches that lure us to the islands.  What we don't see is the poverty and working poor struggling to make it every day.  I had the chance to talk some...
Tags: ecotourism, Environment

Kristi Ashley

11.03.2011 |    20,541 |   reply |
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Hi! I’m Kristi Ashley.  I never really thought about the environment and how much it meant to me growing up until the summer that changed everything for me.  It was the summer before my senior year in high school.  I was like any typical teenager until then, I guess, pretty...
Tags: Environment, environmental science

William Johnson

04.25.2011 |    20,094 |   2 reply |
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Recently I was contacted by a job recruiter about a position.  They were looking for someone with an environmental catalysis background Masters or Ph.D. but they wanted someone with industrial experience that was not heavy on research and development.  That struck me as somewhat odd because many Ph.D.'s have had...
Tags: advice, Environment, Skill Building, transition

Farhan Ahmad

04.08.2011 |    39,854 |   26 reply |
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Hello World! Welcome to my blog at Bio Careers. My name is Farhan Ahmad. I’m a final year Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University (MSU). I have been working on the development of microfluidics-based molecular assays and optical tools for the detection...
Tags: Academia, communication, researching

William Johnson

03.31.2011 |    11,241 |   1 reply |
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Lately, much has been made of the issues in Japan dealing with nuclear power generation and safety.  Meanwhile, approximately 20% of United States power generation portfolio is composed of nuclear sources.  In deciding where you stand on nuclear energy, it is very important to keep things in perspective and listen...
Tags: communication, improvement, news, science, social media

William Johnson

03.09.2011 |    9,891 |   1 reply |
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As I was winding down my Ph.D. studies, I found it necessary to start looking for employment.  Since the economy had hit an all time low in Michigan in 2006-2007 due to auto industry decline and overall recession, I found it necessary to start looking about 1/2 year to 1...
Tags: careers, job qualifications, networking, transition

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