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Siva Muthukrishnan

08.05.2011 |    13,423 |   reply |
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Hope you have been having a fabulous July so far. As I signed off last month, I left you with a thought on the research process and how that can impact your career. Let’s continue from there. As I pulled a recent issue of the journal Biochemistry and read an interesting article, I paused and thought, “did the authors really plan the experiments in the sequence in which the article has been written?” Although the authors might have followed the exact path described, I felt, the most likely scenario is that they did several different experiments with one or few hypotheses...
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Siva Muthukrishnan

06.28.2011 |    13,953 |   reply |
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I am Siva Muthukrishnan, a Scientist at the Fabric and Home Care Business of The Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, USA.  As this is my first venture at writing a blog with a career focus, I will try to share some stories that might add perspectives to your career....
Tags: Academia, Consumer Products, industry

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