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Lauren Celano

06.22.2017 |    1,433 |   reply |
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The topic of career planning is something that I discuss with almost everyone I speak with, regardless of whether they are a graduate student or industry professional.  I emphasize that regardless of where someone is in their career, steps can be taken to develop the hard (e.g. techniques) and soft (e.g. management) skills necessary for career advancement. Since successful careers develop over years, even decades, the earlier someone starts to plan, the better.  Even as a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, ample opportunities exist to develop skills. Below are two examples of proactive career development. By sharing these, I hope...

Donna Kridelbaugh

05.19.2017 |    1,732 |   reply |
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You see it all the time—in a popular news article about a groundbreaking research study to even the primary literature—that so-and-so researcher is the “first” to make some brand new discovery. This claim makes me cringe every time I see it. Why? Well to be honest, it’s highly unlikely to be...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

02.22.2017 |    3,202 |   reply |
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If you are looking for a job, most likely you have many expectations about it. How much money you wish to get paid, how many vacation days you will get and what type of benefits will be included just to mention a few. You might also think about how related...

Connie Hampton

11.09.2016 |    4,091 |   reply |
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A few months out of my first assistant attending position, I feel freer to pontificate on the travails of how to search for your first real job. While I am not a golden child with million dollar grants and C-N-S publications, I nonetheless felt wanted during my job search and...

Sandlin Seguin

07.01.2016 |    5,306 |   reply |
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In the new year, my job title changed from eLearning Specialist to eLearning Developer. My boss delivered this news with some hand waving about internal alignments, and my day to day work hasn’t changed. When I applied for my job as an eLearning Specialist, I wasn’t sure that I would...

Suzane Ramos da Silva

05.19.2016 |    3,475 |   reply |
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In the last few weeks, I was following really closely the scientific research on Zika Virus.  I was writing an update review about Zika virus (ZIKV), and I have to update my review every single day. There were excellent papers that were published in the last 2 weeks, and a server...

Holly Brevig

04.01.2016 |    3,217 |   reply |
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There are a number of fellowships and internships out there for PhDs to explore career options.   There are teaching fellowships (e.g., Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship), science policy fellowships (e.g., Research American Science Policy), regulatory and medical writing (e.g., Cato Research Fellows), science writing (e.g., Richard Casement Internship at the Economist)...

Clement Weinberger

03.30.2016 |    3,263 |   reply |
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A blank computer screen might be one of the scariest things on your bench or desk(top).  You sit in front of one when you have to describe a research project that has become as “my problem”. Maybe the most difficult page is the one where you transform a “good idea at...

Clement Weinberger

03.25.2016 |    3,282 |   reply |
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OK, so you’ve finished your publication manuscript, and all the coauthors agree that it’s ready for submission.  Got a journal? Build a short list of target journals.   Choose carefully. Perhaps the main reason for rejection is not choosing the “right” journal. Take a look at this recent article on journal submission and...

Clement Weinberger

03.21.2016 |    3,061 |   reply |
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So, what’s been happening with the manuscript that you uploaded a month or two ago?  You've been logging in to the journal every few days for a while now to follow the status of your article and checking your e-mail carefully. At last, the editor has sent you a decision. What...

Clement Weinberger

01.20.2016 |    4,135 |   reply |
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Well, this time, it’s about “information flow” and more about publications.  Actually, good, readable, interesting, quickly published, frequently cited articles begin long before the writing. They start with “a good idea at the time,” which then becomes “your problem,” i.e., an idea that you take ownership of – as opposed to...

Charlene Milliken

12.09.2015 |    3,858 |   reply |
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Does this sound familiar?: After several years, the end is finally in sight. The Ph.D. is practically in your hand!   But you want to quit.  Why?  Because you’re sick of academia.  You don’t want a career in teaching, you’re burnt out doing research, or you feel like you’re making absolutely...

Judy Lytle

11.23.2015 |    3,935 |   reply |
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As my pre-doctoral sentence of four-to-six-years-with-time-off-for-80-hour-work-weeks was coming to a joyful conclusion, I started to look for opportunities.  I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nights and weekends of caring for my research subjects, cup-o-noodle dinners in the med student lounge, and endless hours of counting...
Tags: AAAS fellowship, tips on getting a fellowship

Sandlin Seguin

08.12.2015 |    6,236 |   reply |
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The truth is out there: The number of tenure track faculty positions is shrinking relative to the number of eligible candidates.  Adjuncting may be viewed as a stop gap for departments who need instructors and candidates who are timing the job market, but these positions aren’t meant to be long term....
Tags: alternative careers to academia, teaching alternatives

Robert Cory Bernhards

06.17.2015 |    7,655 |   reply |
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The major question almost all graduating PhDs face is whether to pursue a career in academia, industry, or government.  I’ll discuss pros and cons of each along with some common misconceptions. Many graduate students are under the false impression that most PhDs go into academia.  This is because our mentors are...
Tags: alternative careers to academia, how to get to industry as a fresh grad

Clement Weinberger

04.01.2015 |    6,823 |   reply |
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At some point, you will have to choose journals to submit your articles to.  Finding the right journal is important because if your article isn’t published in a timely fashion, say within a year of a congress presentation, no one will know about it, and a delay will make someone ask,...
Tags: how to publish faster, publishing articles to smaller companies

Lamar Blackwell

03.06.2015 |    7,355 |   reply |
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Every day, young academic scientists are motivated to start careers in pharma.   A few years ago, I was one of them.  After working for over a year in pharma, I would like to share some of my thoughts about this transition.  In this post, I will discuss some helpful qualities...
Tags: changing careers from academia to industry, transferable skills, transition

Clement Weinberger

03.04.2015 |    12,600 |   reply |
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PhD students, and a majority of PhDs in science, spend many hours at the bench doing research designed to obtain results that will either confirm or reject a hypothesis.  They write, defend and revise a thesis. Along the way, and as soon and as often as possible afterward, they publish the...

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