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Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

06.30.2017 |    1,078 |   reply |
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Having a job is an essential part of our adult life, and it is definitely something we need in order to survive. It is something we depend on.  If we think about it, most of us will spend most of our productive life working, so looking for a job or staying at a job that we are unhappy about might not be the smartest idea.  Finding a job, whether it is in our field of training or completely unrelated to it, is not an easy task, and once we have a job, holding on to it doesn't come any easier. In an...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

05.10.2017 |    1,479 |   reply |
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If you’re attempting a career change — from one industry to another, from one functional role to another, from a sabbatical or family leave to getting back to work – you will be telling employers, recruiters, and others in your network your STORY. You are often asked for a general...

Lamar Blackwell

05.08.2017 |    1,527 |   reply |
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One of the most difficult things to do for ourselves is change.  There is a comfort level in what we already know and do.  We understand the current problems in our jobs and are used to them.  We know the aspects we like and what we don’t like.  And while...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

04.12.2017 |    1,414 |   reply |
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I thought about writing about growth, since it’s spring, and growth is something that happens when you stretch outside your comfort zone. (I did write about growth for the 4/16 issue of the newsletter in case you missed that one!) But the flip side of the positive growth that comes...

Thomas Patrick Chuna

02.01.2017 |    3,421 |   reply |
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Hello everyone!  I wanted to take the time to circle back and continue the discussion about headhunters, and what they mean to you as a job seeker.  In previous blogs, I made the following points about headhunters:  1) Headhunters really aren't the best place to focus the bulk of your efforts as a job...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

01.04.2017 |    3,645 |   reply |
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Rutendo asks: I am a Medical Doctor, trained and currently working [outside the US]. I want to make a move into Clinical Research, and I do have related experience when I was working in one of our teaching hospitals. We’d have several studies running concurrently, so in between admitting patients...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

06.27.2016 |    4,568 |   reply |
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In last week’s post, I shared Marketing Tips For Career Changers, but given that career changers will get more traction from Networking (so they can directly tell people their story, rather than hanging out a resume and hoping to get a call), this post focuses on Networking For Career Changers,...

Michael Salgaller

02.05.2016 |    3,574 |   reply |
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Looking for a position – even voluntarily – is stressful.  If the job-hunt is discretionary, if you can stay where you are long-term and perhaps are simply bored, it’s comparatively less stressful. But even then, there’s something unsatisfying about where you are that’s making you look elsewhere.  It’s just like a relationship...

Charlene Milliken

12.09.2015 |    3,772 |   reply |
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Does this sound familiar?: After several years, the end is finally in sight. The Ph.D. is practically in your hand!   But you want to quit.  Why?  Because you’re sick of academia.  You don’t want a career in teaching, you’re burnt out doing research, or you feel like you’re making absolutely...

Ron Hunter

06.08.2015 |    6,380 |   reply |
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At my desk, I have a sign that reads, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way’ by Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.”  Growing up as a child of a military serviceman can be seen as the ultimate training in becoming comfortable with change. We moved...
Tags: how to grasp change, is change good

Lamar Blackwell

03.06.2015 |    7,295 |   reply |
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Every day, young academic scientists are motivated to start careers in pharma.   A few years ago, I was one of them.  After working for over a year in pharma, I would like to share some of my thoughts about this transition.  In this post, I will discuss some helpful qualities...
Tags: changing careers from academia to industry, transferable skills, transition

Jane Yang

01.30.2015 |    8,134 |   reply |
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I am new to Bio Careers Blog.  Excited as I am as a first-timer, I will set a rule for my blog: I do not intend to give out specific action items or tips to fellow job seekers.   You see, I am one of you.  After many years of academic...
Tags: changing careers in life science

Kate Sleeth

07.18.2014 |    8,673 |   reply |
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A few weeks ago, I went to a national conference for a new association which I am now a member of.  As usual, there was a “newbies” information session which introduces you to the association, their leadership, and hopefully other new individuals who are probably feeling as nervous as you...
Tags: being happy with my job, Changing careers, my dream job

Christiana Davis

07.16.2014 |    8,489 |   reply |
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I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I completed medical training in Russia, and matriculated to the United States. Now a freelancer, I offer a full range of Regulatory Medical Writing, Project Management, and Career Training (both group and individual) Services. I also help individuals make informed choices about...
Tags: bench science, pursuing academia

Smita Mukherjee

06.23.2014 |    8,155 |   reply |
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Being in graduate school is a truly unique experience because, for the rest of your life, you will rarely have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many young people from diverse backgrounds with an unmatched intellectual curiosity, zest for life and passion for doing something spectacular.  However, it is sometimes...
Tags: meeting new people, networking in science industry, what to do out of the lab

Suzane Ramos da Silva

06.18.2014 |    9,648 |   reply |
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In my first blog at Bio Careers, I would like to discuss the options that scientists have when they finish their postdocs. When you are at the limbo phase, you must decide which will be the next move, and for that you need to consider your own natural skills and...
Tags: changing career to industry, industry vs. academia

Michael Salgaller

04.22.2014 |    37,086 |   reply |
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So, how is the New year treating you? Are your resolutions still in place, or have you joined the humbled masses who will swear once again to never make New Year’s resolutions? I know Spiderman (in the 2012 reboot) said that the best kind of promises are those you can’t...
Tags: changing jobs, complacency with work, getting out of comfort zone

Charlotte Mitchell

04.21.2014 |    51,401 |   reply |
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I am very excited to be writing blog posts for the Bio Careers community and hope that my experiences can help other PhD scientists discover their own career path. In this first introductory blog, I want to tell you all a little bit about myself and also address an issue...
Tags: benefits of recruiter in life science, how to become a recruiter

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