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Brendan Delaney

01.25.2017 |    3,588 |   reply |
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On December 28th, 2016 the Administrative Appeals Office issued a decision in Matter of DHANASAR that has changed the landscape for National Interest Waiver cases.   This is of major importance as the National Interest Waiver is one of only two self-sponsored applications and many postdocs, scientists, researchers, and others use this application to obtain Permanent residence in the US.  In order to explain how this decision has changed the landscape, it is first important to understand what the previous standard was. In Re: New York State Department of Transportation In that case the AAO laid out a three-part test: 1 Show that the area...

Isaiah Hankel

10.04.2016 |    5,886 |   reply |
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The idea that getting a PhD is going to hurt your chances of getting a non-academic job is a misconception. In fact, most PhDs go on to get non-academic jobs and most get paid more than non-PhDs in the same position.  The only way a PhD will hold you back from...

Debojyoti Dhar

05.13.2016 |    3,658 |   reply |
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What is talent? How do you judge it? Shouldn’t qualification, experience, useful contribution in the past etc. be the yardstick to measure potential in an individual?  There is something called as an ‘inherent’ potential which might not come across directly in the CVs, but to a trained talent hunter, it becomes...

Shu Chin Ma

02.02.2015 |    14,077 |   reply |
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Does the word “home residency requirement” cause an unsettling tingle down your spine, and cause you to utter a muffled curse each time you hear it?  Does it put an annoying stumbling block on your future plans and career development within the U.S.?  If you nodded to either of these questions, then...
Tags: how to get a J1 visa, how to work in the US

Nathan Vanderford

07.29.2014 |    17,262 |   reply |
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Leaders are constantly navigating decisions and actions that are critical to the well-being of a project, situation, and/or organization. The importance of these decisions and actions becomes even greater when significant change is occurring, or must occur. In addition, the way in which leaders navigate change can mean the difference...
Tags: characteristics of a good leader, how to become an effective leader

Reshma Parmar

07.28.2014 |    22,213 |   reply |
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This article assumes that you have read my prior blog entries, and know the basic EB1 Green Card requirements and terms. On August 18, 2010, the USCIS issued a Policy Memo that permits the application of a very stringent standard to EB1 cases (EB1A Extraordinary Alien and EB1B Outstanding Researcher cases)....
Tags: EB1 cases, foreign scientist with EB1

Suzane Ramos da Silva

07.23.2014 |    11,896 |   reply |
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The decision to go to another country to work in science is based on funding, the job and all the future opportunities that will be open if everything goes well. But the hardest part is that, most of the time, you have to leave everything behind, including family and friends....
Tags: being homesick, filling the gap of homesickness

Alice Gruber

06.19.2014 |    10,907 |   reply |
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On May 6, 2014, the US Department of Homeland Security announced a proposed rule that certain spouses of H-1B Temporary Workers will be able to apply for work authorization.  In order for the spouse to qualify, the H-1B Temporary Worker must have either been granted a 7th year extension under...
Tags: spouse of H-1B, visa issues for scientist spouse

Matt Wenham

06.12.2014 |    9,146 |   reply |
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One of the most significant transition points for many scientists is the decision to move overseas. For most people, this occurs at the point of the postdoctoral fellowship, with the experience of conducting research in a foreign country and system, and also one of the key stages in career progression...
Tags: moving overseas, working abroad

Christiana Davis

05.22.2014 |    11,155 |   reply |
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We are often told to get our foot in the door. Yet, for most of us, finding the door is our greatest challenge. In fact, most foreign nationals find this to be true. Case in point, I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I completed medical training in Russia,...
Tags: how to network, networking for non-US scientists

Shraddha Desai

05.14.2014 |    17,828 |   reply |
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Today, I will like to share my experience about applying to United States for Higher studies, MS and PhD. I hope this might me be helpful to a lot of readers. I started the arduous process of applying to the graduate schools in the US back in 2004.  The following are the...
Tags: how to become an international student, how to study in the US

Alice Gruber

03.24.2014 |    14,395 |   reply |
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Tags: nonimmigrant interview, nonimmigrant visa

Alice Gruber

02.17.2014 |    18,977 |   reply |
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Many of us have become accustomed to traveling with carrying a number of electronics when we travel.  I will often have my iPhone, my iPad mini, and a laptop, as each serves a different purpose.   I try to keep each as “clean” as possible, so that if one if...
Tags: US customs, what to do when entering USs

Alice Gruber

01.27.2014 |    28,291 |   reply |
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Every employment-based immigrant must wait for his priority date to be current before he can become a legal permanent resident.  Understanding the priority date is especially important for scientists who were born in China (mainland), India, Mexico, and the Philippines. A foreign national obtains a priority date the day that USCIS...
Tags: meaning of priority date, USCIS priority date

Alice Gruber

01.10.2014 |    9,878 |   reply |
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DID YOU “AGE-OUT” OF YOUR CHANCE FOR A GREEN CARD BY TURNING 21 YEARS OLD?  YOU MAY BE ABLE TO TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME! Most foreign national students and recent graduates will obtain legal permanent residence through an employer-based immigrant petition.  For a few, there soon may be a...
Tags: green card, how to get green card if aged out

Brendan Delaney

11.21.2013 |    18,495 |   reply |
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So, I reside in Washington DC. Recently, my blogging career here with Biocareers has been as productive as the representatives sent by other parts of the country to work in my hometown. To reacquaint myself with the readers of the blog, our law firm works extensively with postdocs, scientists, and...
Tags: Foreign Postdoc, immigration, visas

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

11.12.2013 |    15,123 |   reply |
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What is government contracting and why should I care? If you have only a vague idea of what is means to “be a contractor” then this blog post is for you. Being a contractor means making my living by providing services (my skills, abilities, and knowledge) to the government and nonprofit...
Tags: contracting in the government

Jennifer Reineke Pohlhaus

10.28.2013 |    12,274 |   reply |
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I’m a government contractor and I often say that my job is the best of both worlds: being a government employee, and being part of the private sector. Here are the ten reasons why I think being a government contractor is so great: Implementing the mission of the government agencies is...
Tags: benefits of private and government, working in the government

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