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What About Headhunters? Pt. 4 | University of Louisville
What About Headhunters? Pt. 4
Submitted by Thomas Patrick Chuna on Tue, 2017-04-25 22:37
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Hello everyone! 

This month we are continuing the discussion about headhunters, and what they mean to you as a job seeker. 

In previous blogs, I made the following points about headhunters: 

1) Headhunters really aren't the best place to focus most of your efforts as a job seeker
2) The best strategy is to manage your online presence so they can find you. 
3) If you manage your expectations of them and cooperate, they can be of value.

To wrap up the series, this month we will discuss how and why recruiters will blackball, reject, and ignore you and your resume. 

Here are the behaviors that will get you on the naughty list, and preclude you from consideration, no matter how talented or experienced you are: 


If the recruiter tells you they don't know anything about your status yet, don't harass them. If they don't have an answer for you at 9AM, they probably won't have one for you at 1PM, or 5PM that same day.. these things can move at a glaciers pace, following up once a week is fine..if you are under serious consideration, I promise they will call you. And you did your job right on the interview, you'll know what the next step is anyway. If you constantly harass the recruiter and / or question their effectiveness and professionalism, you'll get bounced from this and future searches for being a troublemaker. 


If the recruiter asks you if you are aware of a position in XYZ company, and you are already a submitted candidate or otherwise talking to them, say so. If you took another position midway through the interview process,  say so. Don't string anyone along, and don't just disappear.. you will develop a reputation as a shady person. 


Sad I have to tell adults this, but when you miss appointments without calling, you'll get a bad reputation.. I have had people contact me for help after doing this to my hiring authority, and to me, and get indignant when I won't help them. 


Another way to get blackballled.. being wishy washy at the time of being offered a position you said you wanted.. all those times the recruiter ( if they are good) asked you if you were committed to making a move, and you said yes, only to put the brakes on at the last minute.. if you do that more than once, word will get around. 


Don't fail the attitude test. Be nice. Acting like you are the savior of the position is not attractive, even if you are the best at what you do. 
Being known as the “talented yet nasty” candidate is not something you want. 

The bottom line is, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.. think about what you are doing, preferably before you do it.. You are asking someone for help, and should be grateful that someone introduced you and is representing you to an opportunity you didn't create.

Until next time, I wish you all the best 

Coach Tom 


Thomas Patrick Chuna is a certified Five O’Clock Club job search coach, teaching their proven methodolgy to private clients in all fields and disciplines. - I will teach you to apply the methodology to YOUR specific situation. Find me at  linkedin.com/in/patrickinternational.

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The Five O’Clock Club is a nationally recognized outplacement firm with a proven job search methodology that helps job seekers get better jobs faster. The Five O’Clock Club also provides affordable, humane outplacement services to companies who care about the well being of their employees. 

Learn more: http://www.fiveoclockclub.com  

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