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Farhan Ahmad

04.08.2011 |    39,854 |   26 reply |
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Hello World! Welcome to my blog at Bio Careers. My name is Farhan Ahmad. I’m a final year Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University (MSU). I have been working on the development of microfluidics-based molecular assays and optical tools for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms. I did my M.S (Materials Science and Engineering) from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea and undergraduate degree (Petrochemical Engineering) from Aligarh Muslim University, India. My interest in environmental engineering led me to pursue a Ph.D. I’d like to briefly highlight the research pursued in...
Tags: Academia, communication, researching

Maida Taylor

11.11.2011 |    153,580 |   15 reply |
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One of my last postings was called “keeping Ken and Barbie out of jail,” an attempt to define some of the tasks involved working in medical affairs at a pharmaceutical company.  One reader pointed out that I really did not define the job very well, and I promised to describe...
Tags: marketing, medical affairs, Pharma, R&D

Liang Zhang

03.14.2012 |    31,120 |   12 reply |
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My life after obtaining a Ph.D. has been one that’s filled with change and opportunities.  Since I graduated from the Neuroscience Program at the University of Michigan last summer, I have launched campus organizations, led my own entrepreneurial team in exciting projects, became a postdoctoral fellow, and had a number...
Tags: consulting, entrepreneur, job summit, marketing

Gaia Vasiliver-Shamis

10.12.2012 |    38,332 |   12 reply |
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If you read my previous post  you know I’m a big fan of plans and being flexible about them too.  As I see many  trainees prioritizing another experiment over spending an hour to plan for their career, I thought of writing a post about how  to create your plan instead...
Tags: interview, network, PhD, postdoc, search plan

Randall Ribaudo

05.05.2011 |    34,647 |   7 reply |
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Over the past week I've read three articles in Nature all focused on the plight of “Phdicus americanus”-- that species of highly trained scientist produced by academic institutions in the US.  Those three articles, “Fix the PhD,” “Education:  The PhD Factory,” and “Reform the PhD or close it down” all...
Tags: Academia, industry, postdoc

Stephanie Yeung

06.06.2011 |    36,554 |   7 reply |
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In some of my job interviews, I was asked, “What made you decide to leave academia?” Yeah, what was it? I asked myself sometimes. I left academia because I am a practical person. Pure discovery research that takes forever to be applicable does not satisfy me. Secondly, the lack of...
Tags: Academia, Career path, Changing careers, industry, transitioning

Dr 27

10.04.2012 |    11,678 |   7 reply |
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In my last entry, I talked about the reasons why I wanted to leave academia. I was tired of the low pay and time spent in the lab with little progress. I was upset and frustrated in my postdoc and I definitely didn’t want to become a full professor and...
Tags: Academia, industry, job search, lab, postdoc, transition

Thomas Patrick Chuna

11.20.2012 |    22,917 |   7 reply |
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Hello everyone! There is one piece of conventional job search wisdom that I hear constantly that drives me crazy, especially when it comes from “job search professionals” who should know better. Specifically, I am talking about the conventional wisdom that says: in job search, “you gotta sell yourself”…I can hear some of...
Tags: experience, jobs, references, resume

Kate Sleeth

03.18.2011 |    14,328 |   6 reply |
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In my second article I mentioned the benefits of participating in associations and committees.  I thought I should expand on these and give specifics using myself as an example. I was involved in scientific communication for years back in the UK.  While I was a graduate student, I had the pleasure...
Tags: advice, communication, networking, postdoc

Kate Sleeth

03.30.2011 |    22,612 |   6 reply |
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Over the past few years I have heard people comment, “I am Type A, so you know what that means...” and apparently that should excuse whatever it is that they just said or did.  My basic understanding of this concept is that Type A individuals are high strung, while type...
Tags: communication, image, self-improvement

Sarah Pick

04.05.2011 |    16,206 |   6 reply |
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There have been some great posts here about networking. Here, we’ll focus specifically on networking at scientific conferences. Graduate students and postdocs periodically have the opportunity to attend scientific conferences, and while it’s great to present your research, conferences are perfect settings for scientific networking.  Derek Haseltine, Director for Research...
Tags: advice, Career Planning, communications, networking

Maida Taylor

08.01.2012 |    53,460 |   6 reply |
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How long is it now?  How many months of searching Monster, Biospace,  Bio Careers, LinkedIn and other sites looking for a job?  Six months, nine months, a year?  How many screening interviews, HR  conversations,  talks with CEOs, COOs, CFOs,  VPs?  Two interviews, three, perhaps four, and then waiting for a...
Tags: job search, medical affairs, Pharma, recruiter

Maida Taylor

09.17.2012 |    53,314 |   6 reply |
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I just came across a piece on healthecareers talking about the personal flaws that turn hiring managers against a particular candidate. And in my humble opinion, personal integrity and character are more central to work within the life sciences than in other fields of endeavor.  In no other area (except...
Tags: interview, job search

Kate Sleeth

10.30.2012 |    10,338 |   6 reply |
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Over my career as a scientist I had the opportunity to mentor a number of students; both as a graduate student and then as a postdoc.  Most summers I had one summer student who I dedicated time and effort to;  both in teaching my research to, as well as teaching...
Tags: labm PhD, mentor, postdoc

Reshma Parmar

11.09.2010 |    14,553 |   5 reply |
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In this discussion, I would like to give an overview of the different paths to U.S. permanent residency that are available to an individual employed in a scientific field.  Due to its length, this overview blog entry is divided into two parts.  The first part is an introduction about employment...
Tags: immigration, law, visas

Cynthia Lawley

04.04.2011 |    18,912 |   5 reply |
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The end of the year and beginning of the next is always a very crazy time for me.  I have to admit that once I went a month without a blog it was so difficult to come back to it.  Inertia is a very powerful thing. Inertia is what I am...
Tags: advice, communication, self- improvement

Thomas Patrick Chuna

06.15.2012 |    33,005 |   5 reply |
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In “coach speak,” an assessment exercise is a term we use to describe having the job seeker think about themselves, and then write about themselves, and then analyze what they have thought and written, for the purposes of illumination and guidance.  The reason they are called “exercises” is because they are...
Tags: assessment exercises, assessment tools, coach

Clement Weinberger

07.31.2012 |    12,640 |   5 reply |
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When was the last time someone asked you that question? I guess it's the researchers' equivalent to the otherwise common questions of "how do you know?” or “who told you that?” So what did you answer?  My usual choices for a response are "yes," "no'" and "do I need one?" Context...
Tags: peer review, references

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