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Larry Petcovic

09.21.2010 |    19,923 |   reply |
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HINT #1:  All science activity is linked to a scaling of scientific purpose that ranges from a simple lab task to the meaning of science in society.  Think of it as an inverted pyramid!                                                       1. Your individual tasks are activities.  Most competent scientists could list at least 100 activities.  This level of detail defines your “scientific experience in the lab” and is quickly outdated in today’s world. You list this type of resume experience for jobs that are “bench” oriented (with the most current technology given priority). A summary statement of “experienced in over 100 lab techniques” would be used...
Tags: job search, resume

Paul McDonald

09.23.2010 |    14,018 |   3 reply |
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I feel like this is my first day at some strange group counseling session.  As everyone looks around nervously, I stand up and finally say, “My name is Paul, and I left academics to become a consultant.”  Phew, that feels better.   More and more academics are deciding that the “traditional” path...
Tags: consulting

Andrew Bennie

09.24.2010 |    16,722 |   reply |
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In this blog, I hope to provide the perspective of a recruitment insider.  I have worked within the life science recruitment industry for the past six years with Naturejobs, BioSpace, and now with Bio Careers.  In my varying roles, I have worked with research institutes, non-profits, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies...
Tags: Bio Careers, industry, news, recruitment

Andrew Bennie

09.24.2010 |    19,880 |   reply |
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I have included this week’s round-up of job updates, life science career insights, and news! Regulatory, Quality and Clinical positions were the most in demand hiring roles globally in the Q2 Index, with 27.2% of all opportunities in this functional bucket. BusinessWire: ZRG Partners Global Life Science Hiring Index  R&D employment in...
Tags: career insights, news

David Keleti

09.24.2010 |    10,557 |   reply |
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So what can the individual medical student do to improve his or her writing? What can teaching institutions do to encourage more sophisticated writing among their students? 1)    Join a research laboratory for the summer. Many, if not most, medical schools offer students the opportunity to perform research for a summer....
Tags: medical writing, Self improvement

Jason Tilan

09.27.2010 |    12,033 |   reply |
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In order to gauge whether or not my job search experience may be relevant to that of yours, I think it would be pertinent to characterize my basal parameters at the time of post.  I graduated in December of 2009 with a (doctoral) degree in Physiology & Biophysics.  I then started...
Tags: Academia, communication, job search

Jared Young

09.27.2010 |    15,881 |   1 reply |
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Hi, I’m Jared Young, and welcome to my blog at BioCareers. I’ll be writing about various aspects of careers in biology education. Since 2006 I’ve been a Professor on the tenure track at Mills College, a small women’s liberal arts college in Oakland, CA. I conduct research on signaling pathways involved...

Randall Ribaudo

09.27.2010 |    21,403 |   2 reply |
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There was an article in the December 22, 2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal entitled “Doctors Seek Aid from Business Schools.” It spoke to the emerging realization by some medical doctors of the importance of getting business/management training in order to run a successful medical practice.  Similarly, the directors of some of the larger...
Tags: Business, career advice, Self improvement

Marielena Mata

09.28.2010 |    11,951 |   reply |
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Just recently, I have started to read some blogs (Yes, I know, I’m a little behind the times) about random science topics and in particular about women scientists in academia (I didn’t find any written by women in Industry).  I have also been thinking of how I would like to...
Tags: Biopharma, career development, Pharma

May Li

09.28.2010 |    17,818 |   reply |
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Many times people have sent in their resumes for a job they believe is a perfect fit. Yet weeks have gone by and still they heard nothing back from the company. First you need to ask: How does your resume look?  Writing a good scientific resume is crucial to getting a job interview. Often the ...
Tags: interview, job search, resume

Christie Canaria

09.28.2010 |    13,257 |   reply |
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OK, so maybe not a revelation since that implies I discovered something I didn’t know before. Let’s say instead that I previously struggled with what being a “scientist” implied and then had an epiphany. I mean, I’ve been doing science, employing scientific thinking, and practicing the scientific method for half my life now. Some (my...
Tags: Choosing career path, Self Assessment

Diane Johnson Whitmore

09.29.2010 |    9,511 |   reply |
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Welcome to my BioCareers blog on Resumes, Search Action Plans and Cover Letters. My name is Diane Johnson Whitmore. Although I am now happily employed as a Career Strategist, I know from personal experience what it is like to transition between careers.  After first being attracted to finance, I soon...
Tags: cover letter, job search, resume

Ex Lab Junkie

09.29.2010 |    17,814 |   reply |
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(I am interrupting my "how did I get here" posts, to discuss something that happened at work this week.) We have all heard the term "constructive criticism" and most of us have been on the receiving end of it, thinking unprintable thoughts about the person offering their assessment. But if you...
Tags: communication skills, giving feedback

Jason Tilan

09.30.2010 |    11,012 |   reply |
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I recently attended the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting held in Washington, DC (April 17-21, 2010).  This is my first experience as an attendee and as a member of AACR.  From my perspective, as an organization, they seem to provide incredible support to young scientists.  In particular,...
Tags: Academia, communication, job search

David Keleti

09.30.2010 |    15,499 |   reply |
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In this blog, I hope to provide the perspective of a post-graduate scientist with some biotech industry experience who transitioned into medical writing for a medical communications agency, and then went out on his own as a freelance writer.  Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a PhD...
Tags: Academia, biotech, freelance, industry, writer

Peggy McKee

09.30.2010 |    15,074 |   1 reply |
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Because there are over 70 million professionals on LinkedIn, it’s a great place to network within the scientific community.  But did you also know that LinkedIn is an amazing resource for interview preparation?   Preparing for the job interview is vital—no matter what career you’re in.  Potential employers want to know...
Tags: interview process, LinkedIn, networking

Marielena Mata

10.01.2010 |    11,110 |   2 reply |
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As I sit here trying to figure out what to say, I keep asking myself: Who am I? There are so many ways to define myself.  The demographic answer would be Hispanic female in her late 30s (very late), professional, married with 3 children.  I’m sure the census would be...
Tags: Biopharma, cancer research

Jenne Relucio

10.01.2010 |    12,864 |   reply |
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Welcome, readers! I am Jenne Relucio, a pre-doctorate scientist at Stony Brook University in New York. As a guest blogger on Bio Careers, I will be writing about making the leap from the research bench to non-traditional careers in the life sciences. In my future entries (which I am planning...
Tags: career options, Changing careers, law

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