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Debojyoti Dhar

05.17.2017 |    1,533 |   reply |
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Getting a PhD is always a very big achievement, more so if one has received that degree from a prestigious institution.  Many who are interested in pursuing a PhD do so mainly because of love for “science”. There is no better happiness but to see or find something novel during the course of various experiments that one undertakes during this journey.  Of course, out of 100 experiments maybe 90 would fail but that teaches us tremendous levels of perseverance and patience. What is not taught in most institutions is the career path that a budding scientist can take! Most PhDs go for post...

Debojyoti Dhar

05.13.2016 |    3,658 |   reply |
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What is talent? How do you judge it? Shouldn’t qualification, experience, useful contribution in the past etc. be the yardstick to measure potential in an individual?  There is something called as an ‘inherent’ potential which might not come across directly in the CVs, but to a trained talent hunter, it becomes...

Debojyoti Dhar

03.18.2015 |    6,088 |   reply |
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Every idea has its place under the sun. Two industries, pharmaceuticals and aviation which are known to be ‘high risk – high gain’ business are strikingly employing similar practices in order to maximize productivity and profits. Everyone would agree that both aviation and pharmaceutical businesses require ‘deep pockets’ to start and...
Tags: ideas for startup

Debojyoti Dhar

03.02.2015 |    6,753 |   reply |
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Biomarkers are the Holy Grail for detecting diseases.  Natural biomarkers are sought after molecules for effective screening of patients. Biomarkers include detection of proteins, RNA, DNA to now even micro RNAs. However, detection of natural biomarkers is fraught with issues of specificity, feasibility, price etc. Now, a new set of research is...
Tags: modern diagnostics, synthetic biomarkers

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