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Nick Folger

09.07.2011 |    390,057 |   1 reply |
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You may know that the Bio Careers Job Board has more listings for U.S. postgraduate life scientists than any other Job Board.  In fact, it’s not even close! We’re rewarded by the fact that so many of you are so active on our job board, searching the listings, applying for jobs, and uploading resumes. One issue I’ve noticed is that our ratio of applications to job views is considerably lower than in broader job boards like Monster or Career Builder.  There are several explanations for this: Finding a skills match is much more difficult with Scientific Jobs Jobseekers don’t feel so confident on how...
Tags: job seekers, skills

Maida Taylor

05.31.2011 |    213,940 |   2 reply |
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How much do you rely on Powerpoint?  How much does your team rely on PowerPoint for training and education, promotion, etc?  The more important question is do you really need PowerPoint at all.  I have been pondering this question for the past 10 years (as if I have nothing better...
Tags: advice, biopharma research, Skill Building

Jason Sherwin

08.10.2011 |    201,253 |   reply |
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The theme of this posting is ‘Educated, Unemployed and Frustrated’ and it is a commentary/response on the article by the same name from the March 20 edition of The New York Times. The original article was written by Matthew Klein. The main thesis of Mr. Klein’s article is that recent...
Tags: education, networking, skills

Maida Taylor

11.11.2011 |    153,580 |   15 reply |
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One of my last postings was called “keeping Ken and Barbie out of jail,” an attempt to define some of the tasks involved working in medical affairs at a pharmaceutical company.  One reader pointed out that I really did not define the job very well, and I promised to describe...
Tags: marketing, medical affairs, Pharma, R&D

Maida Taylor

10.24.2011 |    126,170 |   reply |
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Does mentoring do anything?  What inspires students?  How do we engage and encourage young colleagues?  I have been asking these questions while organizing an obstetrics and gynecology “career” dinner for medical students at the University of California San Francisco.  Two or three times a year, we arrange a casual encounter for...
Tags: medical, mentoring, physician, surgery

Fatos Kopliku

09.06.2011 |    115,969 |   reply |
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Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fatos I am from Albania, a small country about the size of Maryland. I graduated from the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. Later I worked in the Natural History Museum in London.  My journey did...
Tags: Academia, biology, lab, science

Marielena Mata

07.25.2013 |    114,065 |   1 reply |
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If industry is the dark side of science, strategic marketing is the dark side of industry, or so it seems.  As scientists sitting in teams with our strategic marketing colleagues, we always wondered how they came up with those projections of how much revenue a drug would have in 2025...
Tags: Investment, Revenue, Strategic Marketing

Kate Sleeth

11.30.2012 |    107,914 |   2 reply |
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When I moved into my administrative role, one of the first things I needed to do was hire a teaching assistant for the summer.  It hadn’t occurred to me that I would play a significant role in the process as other than briefly meeting interviewees I had never previously been...
Tags: applicant, candidate, interview, job, resume, skill

Reshma Parmar

10.05.2011 |    107,368 |   1 reply |
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When potential clients contact me to find out if an EB1, NIW or OR case is a viable option, right away I request a resume.  The resume is the first place I start to evaluate the merits of a case and provide an initial evaluation. Often, I get a 'scientific' resume...
Tags: CV, immigration, postdoc, resume

Peggy McKee

07.14.2011 |    98,442 |   reply |
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Has your upcoming job interview turned you into a bundle of nerves?  It’s no wonder.  You’re on the spot and it’s make-or-break time.   The good news is that you can relax, be calm, and still have a fantastic interview with the tips I’m going to give you in the video...
Tags: interview

Thomas Patrick Chuna

10.06.2011 |    95,667 |   reply |
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This time around, we are going to discuss objective statements on your CV.  Depending on who you listen to, you either need them, or you don’t need them, and everyone has a differing opinion with facts and figures to validate their opinions.  I happen to like objective statements, and I see their...
Tags: CV, objective statements

Wenny Lin

11.12.2010 |    95,322 |   3 reply |
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The first thing I learned in graduate school had nothing to do with PCR or cell culture. Walking the halls of the lonely ivy-covered ivory tower, I learned that you are your own absolute best (and sometimes, only) advocate. Nobody, not even your kindly mentor/advisor, will look out for you...
Tags: Recommendation letters, self evaluation

Peggy McKee

08.08.2011 |    81,974 |   1 reply |
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So what happens when the playing field for the job you want is filled with strong, qualified, experienced candidates?  Are you stuck with hoping someone likes your personality better?  Should you just give up and wait for a better job market?  Of course not. No matter what kind of job you’re...
Tags: interview, job market

Maida Taylor

09.06.2012 |    76,131 |   2 reply |
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You travel to another city for a day of interviews.  Often, you will be parked in a room, and a parade of people rotates through.  HR, your direct report, people above you in the hierarchy and people below.  Lab people, lawyer people, likeable people, and some not so much.  ...
Tags: HR, intervie, questions

Kate Sleeth

05.24.2013 |    75,254 |   1 reply |
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Today I want to focus on something that I believe a lot of scientists don’t really consider. Our clothing!   Now we scientists have a poor rap when it comes to perceptions on our fashion sense.  I realize this is unjustified, but we need to break this stereotype.  I do not...
Tags: Attire Guide, Dress Code, Dress Etiquette, Professionalism, Wardrobe

Lauren Celano

07.19.2013 |    74,848 |   reply |
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Numerous options exist to identify potential companies to work for, especially those companies that are innovative, but not (yet) well-known. Below is a top ten list of ways to uncover exciting and innovative companies relevant to your area(s) of interest. The advice provided below is applicable to all industry sectors,...
Tags: employer, hiring, job search, LinkedIn

Eric Wong

02.09.2011 |    65,430 |   1 reply |
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April 21st, 2010. Did this day have any significance for you? My guess is that unless you were brought into this world or blissfully wed on that day (in which case belated "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" wishes go to you), it probably didn't have any real importance, but April...
Tags: advice, Career commentary, communication

Maida Taylor

05.21.2012 |    62,723 |   1 reply |
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In the March issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a premiere journal in my field, I read a report on publication puffery --  “Unverifiable and Erroneous Publications Reported by Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Applicants” by Simmons et al.The abstract summarizes the findings: 546 out of  937 residency applicants listed themselves as authors...
Tags: biomedical, MD

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