Anthony Fargnoli
Research Program Manager at University of Pennsylvania - Department of Surgery
Your site is an eye opening, invaluable portal for S&E PhDs and research professionals. I have referred your site to my extensive graduate school network here at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently in a lab management role where I conduct my own research in a gene therapy program. Your site's posts and resources are certainly connected with the "real world" and many of its lessons should be instilled in future graduate students in the technical fields of bioscience. The information has helped me better approach a key personal career decision on whether or not to pursue a Phd. Many thanks and best wishes to your future success.
Eric T. Larson
Senior Scientist, Structural Research
I have been casually browsing Bio Careers for the last 2 years or so until fairly recently when I have started an earnest job search and began poking around more. Thanks for the great resource - I should have explored it sooner. I am sure lots of the advice, etc. will help me in the job searching process.
Lisan Parker
Business Development Manager at GenScript Corporation
I am pleased to say I am already a member of Bio Careers. It is a very good job board and service. I look forward to utilizing it more in the future. Please let me know how I can help support your efforts.
Medical Affairs Manager
This looks like a very interesting and useful website -- it certainly addresses a huge unmet need at University of Miami School of Medicine. I will pass the word on.
Farhan Ahmad
Ph.D. student at Michigan State University
I have learned about the Bio Careers website through Michigan State University Career Counseling Center. I want to thank you for such a great website. It was very useful not only for job links but also for other scientific resources.
William Kraemer
On the article Your Place in the Policy Universe This is a great article. Importantly, I am looking for a place to do a doctorate in nanobioinformatics and the Founders of this site are a great start in places to look! Google did not work for me this time (which is quite rare).
Assaf Vestin
Graduate student at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
The amount of advice and guidance regarding non-academic careers in there is very helpful to me.
Fatos Kopliku, M.S.
Molecular Biologist at University of Michigan
Congratulations on the excellent job. I have been checking the online rooms and I was impressed with the user-friendly layout and easy access to the information to each of the participating companies in the Online Career Fair.
Associate Research Scientist at NYU
Thank you for the information. Bio Careers will be the great useful tools for anyone seeking jobs in bioscience.
Vanesa Dabul
Development Scientist/ Engineer
I went in this week and was able to upload [the resume] myself. The new system is great.
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Laurett Rivera
City of Hope
Maximizing your career potential in the scientific landscape of the 21st century requires more than just talent at the bench. It requires a full complement of professional skills to leverage that talent and obtain the best possible job. We feel that Bio Careers provides an ideal portfolio of tools for our scientists to use to develop these skills and optimize their competitiveness in this challenging job market.
Michael Alvarez
Director, Stanford Medical School Career Center
Bio Careers has been a great tool for us, and we're delighted to avail these resources to our community as part of our website offerings. The articles and on-line materials provide rich information, and the jobs board is particularly valuable for its features and the purely distilled postings. All in all, Bio Careers has been a real asset to us, and their operations are very well run.
Mary Anne Timmins
Director, U. of Penn’s Biomedical Postdoc Programs
The people at Bio Careers have been very responsive to our needs, and faithful to their word. The services have been very helpful to our community, and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.
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Mary Stuart
Personnel Assistant
I was impressed by Bio Careers’ professional and proactive customer service, competitive prices, and generous customer satisfaction guarantee. Our advertisement attracted healthy attention, thanks to Bio Careers’ comprehensive marketing efforts on our behalf.
Jeanette Bajo
Faculty Coordinator, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Felly has been wonderful. The process was extremely easy. I love the fact that all I had to do was give him the job description and the credit card authorization form and he did the rest. This was extremely convenient for me as I have such a busy schedule. We will be doing business again.
Linda Strahm
HR Director, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University
We recently posted 4 positions on The process to post was incredibly easy and we had great results netting many qualified candidates. The summary email that accompanied each candidate’s resume was also very helpful. I would definitely recommend!
Gabrielle Franceschelli
Recruiting Coordinator, Institute of MIT and Harvard
Working with BioCareers was a great experience. They have excellent customer service and met our needs overall.
John Bushby
NJ Center for Biomaterials
Bio Careers has been very effective. We received a large number of qualified candidates which who we are reviewing at this point of time, and I was happy that … it was all worth the investment.
Jefrrey Carillo
Texas A&M Health Science Center
The site was easy to use and a large number of applicants gained access to the advertisement and applied in a straight forward manner.
Kirk McCrimmon
University of Colorado Denver
We periodically advertise for Post-Doctoral Fellows on Our experience has been favorable, we get more than adequate response in not only numbers of applicants, but also applicants qualified for the advertised position.
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