Career Path: Always have an objective, but be open to change

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Descrption: This webinar will discuss the many professional opportunities open to PhDs in science and the importance of career planning. Some of the differences in career norms outside of academia will be described from the point of view of the speaker.

Bio: Dr. Weinberger is a freelance consultant and owner of The Stylus Medical Communications. He recently retired as Director of Medical Communications in the Medical Affairs Department, Sanofi Pasteur, Lyon, France. Earlier in his professional life he taught at both the university and secondary school levels, was a post-doc doing medical research, a product marketing manager for a medical device company, sold medical laboratory services, and was a writer working in medical education companies. He spends his time writing part of the year in New Jersey, USA and in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. You can find Dr. Weinberger’s blog on medical writing at:
and more about him on LinkedIn: