Career Path: Graduate fast with a Ph.D!

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Description: In this webinar, I'll share with you several tips to help you graduate with a Ph.D. in as few years as possible.  We will discuss several factors that play a role in the duration of your grad student years, including picking the right mentor, relationship with thesis committee, the duration of your research projects, tips on reading articles and writing a thesis, and even what you can do during this time to prepare for your future career after you get a Ph.D.

Bio: L. Samantha Zhang is currently the marketing director for the start up company Labtiva. She graduated with a Neuroscience Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2011 after spending 3 years in her thesis research laboratory, and 1 year of rotations in different labs.  While at Michigan, she played leadership roles in several campus organizations, and founded the Michigan Graduate Consulting Club and the China Image entrepreneurial project team.  She now lives with her husband and 1 dog in Vancouver BC.