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Shu Chin

Careers in different fields: a personal prospective: part 3, startup companies

Thinking of where to start? If you think joining a start-up company is your Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to lucrative stock options, mega cash-ins later, and early retirement before you hit the legal drinking age, then you might be interested in the Brooklyn Bridge, which I can sell to you at ...



I Know What You Did This Summer

I know what you did this summer. You probably worked on your job, but not your career. That’s okay. It’s hard to connect with people when so many are away on vacation. Weren’t you away part of the time? Please tell me you took a vacation. Please tell me you weren’t one of those who adde...



BioMaker: Discovering the Material World

“…the world is, indeed, filled with a number of things… not only the wondrous creatures of the sea, but the marvelous hand and machine tools, and the stupendous assortment of plastic materials (both natural and manmade) available, as our own rich heritage from nature and from man’s creativit...



Collaborations in Academia: Making the most of it

In academia, collaboration is a recurring topic, as it is seen as a valuable resource that helps research groups accomplish better results, more efficiently.We usually define an academic collaborator as someone who can provide you with something that you need for a project, but don’t have immediat...



Teaching: A Resource for Future Science Writers

If you’re having trouble finding a job or just looking to get some more experience, don’t be afraid to take a short-term position. While I was looking for a job in science writing, I also started looking for something temporary that I could do to beef up my resume (and bring in some money)....



Expert consulting—Deploying expertise where it’s needed

Hello Bio Careers community!To introduce myself, my name is Dave Galgoczy. I work in a few roles, such as an independent technology consultant with startup industrial biotech companies, and as an expert consultant for financial firms. Consulting fits my skills, interests, and need for variety, and a...



What You Can Do Now To Prepare For Medical Writing Career

To become a competent and successful medical writer, there are skills you must acquire. If you are a life scientist, you likely have some of these under your belt. This includes an in-depth knowledge of science and research. This background is vital in industry, where you are expected to combin...



Tips For Giving Criticism

“This abstract is awful. Just start over.”“You give bad lectures. You didn’t make sense.”“This manuscript is a mess. It needs organization.”Taking criticism is hard. Giving criticism is hard. Giving criticism in ways that can be taken by the listener, is an art form. I don’t claim to...



When Your Postdoc Is Not What You Expected

You may have had a successful PhD, with publications in high-impact journals, a great mentor, and peers you got along with. You interviewed for the ideal postdoc position. Your presentation went well. All the people you interacted with during the interview welcomed you. Your personality seemed to be...



Presentation is Important

I recently completed my mid-year review at work. I wanted to share one of the comments that I received because when I heard it, it struck me as a bit odd. I was told that I always look very “put together.” This was definitely a complement, and I interpreted it as such, but up until that poi...