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Conquering Fears of Public Speaking

In my “How to Present Stylishly” post, I mentioned presentation tips and lessons I learned when I transitioned into a business career. A reader asked if I had any tips for dealing with the fear of public speaking. I shared with her tips I learned from Steven C. Toy (a great speaker himself) when...



Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a talk given by Dr. Laura Hoopes.  She has recently published a book called “Breaking through the spiral ceiling” and gave both readings from it and a brief history of just how far female scientists have come in the last 50 years.  It was inte...



I miss my old job...

Two weeks ago, I was flying from San Francisco to Newark to do an in-house training with a drug company sales force.  I was comfortably settled into my seat in first class (all those frequent flyer miles = upgrades), about to start eating the [not-too-bad] chicken dinner, when the call came out...



National Postdoc Appreciation Week

The past week is the third annual celebration of National Postdoc Appreciation Week. Time flies so fast! It is already my third experience in celebrating postdoc appreciation day/week. I still remember the first time I heard about National Postdoc Appreciation Day in 2009. Together with friends in t...



Mentoring: Not one size fits all

A few weeks ago, I was invited to sit on a committee of postdoctoral fellows that evaluated nominees for the National Cancer Institute’s Outstanding Mentor Award. We were advised to select award winners who not only performed their expected mentoring duties but went over and beyond the normal expe...



How in the world did I end up here?

"How in the world did I end up here?"  Those were the words I muttered to myself as I lay prone under the bed in my containerized housing unit (CHU).  I was desperately trying to recall exactly how to fasten the body armor that seemed like overkill just a few short days ago, but now seemed...



What makes you tick?

At the end of your work day, what motivates you to set up that extra experiment, type one more paragraph, or stay alert and active in that late-afternoon meeting?  If you are wired similarly to my husband, then it is probably the paycheck.  Salary, bonuses, and pay increases are means for ...



Traveling on the government’s dime

As a Cancer Prevention Fellow at the NCI, I have a generous $3000 “travel and training budget” for attending conferences to present research results, taking training and academic courses, as well as purchasing textbooks that are pertinent to my research. Many labs or research groups at the NIH p...


Thomas Patrick

Objectionable Objective Statements Can Cause Objections To Your Candidacy!

This time around, we are going to discuss objective statements on your CV. Depending on who you listen to, you either need them, or you don’t need them, and everyone has a differing opinion with facts and figures to validate their opinions. I happen to like objective statements, and I se...



How To Evaluate A Job Offer

The current economic downturn and high unemployment rate have, no doubt, created the common mind-set of “If you have a job offer, don’t be picky. Just take it.” These are the words of a friend of mine when she got an offer at a well-known biotech company recently. She felt that she was not in ...