Career Paths


Ramos da Silva

The Zika opportunity

I think, by now, everyone is updated about all the troubles Zika might be causing around the globe, especially in Brazil. 



Military Research and Government Research

While completing my masters in public health (MPG) in epidemiology and biostatistics, I was working in clinical research for pharmaceutical companies in HIV and women's health. I decided to apply for government contracting/consulting jobs in 2008-09. I leveraged my data analysis skills from my ...


Ramos da Silva

Advance in research – fast track and free access

In the last few weeks, I was following really closely the scientific research on Zika Virus. I was writing an update review about Zika virus (ZIKV), and I have to update my review every single day. There were excellent papers that were published in the last 2 weeks, and a server for un-submitte...



The Art of Getting Positive References

Congratulations! Your resume has landed you an interview. But to authenticate your work history, prospective employers ask for professional references. They want to know the person behind the resume. To help them do this, they either contact the references directly, or they enlist the services ...



Alternative Careers, Away from the Bench

Ok, so the luster of the ivory tower has worn off. But you spent at least five years getting that degree, and maybe have struggled through your 4th and 5th post-doctoral positions. Now what? Is it time to rock it like a hobo, traveling across the U.S. in search of your next great adventure?&nbs...

Isaiah Hankel


5 Reasons PhDs Are Valued More Than Other Job Candidates

The idea that getting a PhD is going to hurt your chances of getting a non-academic job is a misconception. In fact, most PhDs go on to get non-academic jobs and most get paid more than non-PhDs in the same position.



Listening to your inner-self to find your professional calling

Have you ever wondered what you would’ve done if you hadn’t gone into science and gotten a PhD? When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a vet or an interior designer. More recently, I wondered if I’d have made a good urban planner or human resources manager! Over the past year, I’ve been ponde...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo


What if your new job is NOT what you expected?

If you are looking for a job, most likely you have many expectations about it. How much money you wish to get paid, how many vacation days you will get and what type of benefits will be included just to mention a few. You might also think about how related the job is to your expertise or experience....



Make Yourself Invaluable

I can proudly say that I’ve accepted jobs even though I knew (and my new manager knew) that I didn’t have a clue how to do some or all of that job. In fact, I seem to have made a career of doing just that. If you attended my webinar in January, you’ll remember that I spoke a bit about it. ...



A Career in Business Development

“Business Development” can mean different things, depending on the position you find yourself in, the company or agency that hires you, the size and mission of the organization, and any number of other factors. As the Director of Business Development for a small non-profit research institute, I ...