To be in the field of academy

The academy is one of the most powerful paths in the science field. To understand the unknown world, scientists need the willingness to put in a lot of hard work and stay positive and patient in the search.  Answers to questions in academia are so important and powerful that they may challenge ...


How Many Miles Do You Have on Your Airline Account?

Do you remember the character played by George Clooney who has 10 million flight miles in the movie “Up In the Air?” That might be a little extreme for normal people. Check out your account. How many do you have? 20,000? Well, last week I had a meeting with a guy from Texas. He has over 4 millio...


The Fine Art of Being Mentored (Part 1)

No doubt about it, there’s an art to building an effective mentor-mentee relationship.  Seeking out a good mentor for your career growth and actively engaging as a “mentee” are integral to initiating a connection.Since this process is so important to the development of life scientists’ ...



Each and every one of us has been mentored.  We have probably experienced both good and bad mentoring and may have even had the opportunity to attempt it ourselves.  Most academics do not receive formal training on how to teach or mentor effectively, and yet they are expected to do just th...


Mentoring Continued…

In my last blog article I touched on what mentors should be teaching everyone within their laboratory.  I would like to expand on this subject as I feel the mentor/mentee relationship is a wonderful thing, when it is done correctly.


Being Entrepreneurial

I recently had the opportunity to attend a lecture entitled, "Putting Your Science to WORK: Entrepreneurship with a Little 'e.’”  Dr. Peter S.


So What Are You Going To Do With That? : Part 1

The title of this blog series is taken from a book authored by Drs. Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius. It is a real-time depiction of my thought process and actions towards selecting a potential career after PhD, more specifically ACADEMIC vs. NON-ACADEMIC positions. I would not be able to give you ...


Genomics Training Workshops for Life Scientists

The tools and techniques associated with large-scale nucleic acid sequencing have become integral to research in fields from medical forensics to industrial food processing. Increasingly, life sciences investigators need a basic familiarity with the terminology and concepts of genomics and bioinform...


Times Up! – A Revealing Look at Time Management

Which of the choices below is likely to be the best at time management?a.    You, the Reader (or any professional who has his/her act together)b.    Bill Gates / Warren Buffet / Mark Zuckerberg (or any successful billionaire)c.    The world’s “smartes...



Over the past few years I have heard people comment, “I am Type A, so you know what that means...” and apparently that should excuse whatever it is that they just said or did.  My basic understanding of this concept is that Type A individuals are high strung, while type B are more laid back...