Changing Careers



My Aha! Moment – Choosing Industry vs. Academia

In some of my job interviews, I was asked, “What made you decide to leave academia?” Yeah, what was it? I asked myself sometimes. I left academia because I am a practical person. Pure discovery research that takes forever to be applicable does not satisfy me. Secondly, the lack of interactions a...



Teamwork: Lessons from Baseball

After 28 years, in 2008 the Phillies finally clinched the World Series and with it, my attention for the sport.  Mind you, I have been watching baseball since I can remember.  Having grown up in Venezuela (the second highest source of players for Major League Baseball, thank you very much!...



A 500-Mile-Higher Career

Hello readers! My name is Stephanie Yeung, a new addition to the Bio Careers blogger fleet. I am a scientist turned marketing professional. Thanks to Bio Careers, now I have a place to share with you my journey jumping from academic research into business functions after getting my Bioengineering Ph...



Believe in Yourself is the Way to Success- My Story of Transition From Academia

Once upon a time, there was an eagle that grew up with a group of chickens. He thought of himself as a chicken too, enjoying a routine life the same as everybody else. His master was very angry when trying various methods to get him to fly, but he couldn’t.



To Relocate or Not To Relocate? That Is the Job Search Question!

Whether or not to relocate is a question that’s very likely to come up in your job search—especially given our current economic shakeup.  The job just may not be where you are.  But for many people, it seems like a huge risk to pick your life up and move.  It’s a fact that reloc...



Leaving the Bedside is Like…

•    Finishing a marathon – you stop, grab a water bottle, drink some and pour the rest over your head.  And only then, when you have stopped, looked back, and thought about the start of the race, do you see the incredible effort it took.



Manage Yourself To Achieve Your Career Goals in Industry

What have you done for yourself lately? This is not a question about getting a massage or spending a weekend relaxing in the country. It is a question to jolt you into paying attention to your own professional development. With so much thought and energy rightly focused on the global financial crisi...



On the First Day in College, What Did You Think Your Future Job Would Be?

5 pm, it’s about time to get ready to go home. What did I do today? A long but productive conference call in the morning with an oil field customer in Louisiana and two colleagues from the marketing department about the new product.  Then, I participated in the big safety review session with ...



Scientific Applications Specialist: A Great Transition Job from Academia to Industry

One of the most unsettling aspects of taking the plunge into industry careers is the fear of having to “give up” your science and everything you worked so hard for.  I had those same fears when I finally decided to leave my position as a Principle Investigator in the NCI for my first job on...



The Beginning of a Beautiful Network

Hello everyone. My name is Eduardo Perez and before I tell you a little bit about myself, I would like to thank Bio Careers for this opportunity. I look forward to interacting with many fellow members and hope to teach and learn valuable lessons through this blog.