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First year on the job: Making a good impression

It has been said that the first 90 days are particularly important in making a good impression on your manager.  The closer your skill set matches the job tasks, the easier this will be.  However, there are other things that you can do to get your new job off to a good start.



In Start-Up Mode

So a month or two back, I attended a seminar on winning government contracts. I work for a non-profit research institute, and even though I spent seven years working in the Department of Defense, I thought maybe I could use a refresher. Being in Business Development, it pays to keep abreast of new d...



Top 10 Biotech Jobs (#10-7) – Positioning Yourself

Recently, Genetic Engineering News published a list of what they believe will be the top 10 biotech jobs most in demand over the next decade. For those looking for moving beyond the bench, starting their science career, or just looking for a change, the list proposes where the likeliest landing spot...



The Argument for Work Life Balance

When I was a graduate student I worked hard, but not quite as hard as I felt like I should work. I often brought home manuscripts I thought I might read before bed, only to take them back to work to read over lunch, and then back home again. I would schedule myself time to do things on the weekend, ...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine


Networking Tips For Career Changers

In last week’s post, I shared Marketing Tips For Career Changers, but given that career changers will get more traction from Networking (so they can directly tell people their story, rather than hanging out a resume and hoping to get a call), this post focuses on Networking For Career Changers, th...

Donna Kridelbaugh


Tips for Designing a Contact or Business Card

I often get asked for tips on designing a business or contact card. My response is to keep it simple. The goals are for the recipient of the card: 1) to be able to easily contact you; and 2) even more importantly, remember who you are.



“Outwrite” rejection?

In fact, that’s not as likely as you might think it is. When the editor surfaces, emerges from the shadows, and sends you the decision email, it’s most likely to say that your article can be “accepted with (minor or major) revisions”. You’ll have to reply to each of the peer review co...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine


Job Interview Preparation Strategies: What To Do And What To Skip

Congratulations, you have landed an interview with one of your dream employers! You have a few days to prepare, so how should you best spend this time? Review the company. Review the job description. Review your key selling points. Now you have a good foundation of information on which to build y...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine


Callback Interview Preparation: How Late-Stage Job Interviews Differ From First Rounds

In a previous post, I shared five strategies for preparing for a job interview. These techniques still apply if you get called back for additional interviews. However, the callback stage is different from the first round. If you don’t prepare for the nuances of callback interviews specifically,...



Should You Become Friends With Your Boss?

No, you should not.  And when I say that, I mean friends, not friendly.  Okay, I know there are people out there who are friends with their bosses, but I think, for the most part, it’s best to have a friendly relationship with your boss but not a true friendship.