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Takeaways from Society for Neuroscience Conference

This past week was the annual Society for Neuroscience (SFN) conference in San Diego, CA. Over 30,000 neuroscience researchers attended the four-day conference held in the San Diego Convention Center. Needless to say, this flow of people can create  vast opportunities in terms of meeting fellow...

Bio Careers


The Art of Picking a Lab: The Pre-Application Stage

Over the past 10 years, I have talked with numerous graduate students that are in the process of selecting a laboratory to conduct their research. One thing that has stood out during those conversations is the lack of homework that students do when selecting a laboratory. With the average time to a ...



The new job, negotiation and 2 weeks notice

In my previous instalment, I talked about the process of getting an interview for my position as a lab manager, my interactions with prospective bosses, and the offer I got. Today, I'll talk about when the offer was made, how and when I told my former lab, and how I got to where I am after the inter...



The trouble with J’s…

So, I reside in Washington DC. Recently, my blogging career here with Biocareers has been as productive as the representatives sent by other parts of the country to work in my hometown. To reacquaint myself with the readers of the blog, our law firm works extensively with postdocs, scientists, and r...


Reineke Pohlhaus

What is government contracting and why should I care?

What is government contracting and why should I care? If you have only a vague idea of what is means to “be a contractor” then this blog post is for you.Being a contractor means making my living by providing services (my skills, abilities, and knowledge) to the government and nonprofit sectors. ...



New Study Highlights the Utility of Being a Multi-skilled Employee

Data from a study released recently by Northeastern University aligns with common trends emerging about the perception of the role and responsibility of higher education and its primary clients i.e., students, in regard to preparing future employees. Among other important conclusions, the results hi...


Reineke Pohlhaus

The Best of Both Worlds

I’m a government contractor and I often say that my job is the best of both worlds: being a government employee, and being part of the private sector. Here are the ten reasons why I think being a government contractor is so great:



Fake it Until You Make It!

I would like to share with you some key advice which really helped me before.  The first time I heard this phrase, or at least actually took note of it, was a few hours before I gave a presentation.  I was (as those of you who follow my blog will be familiar with) a little nervous, to say ...


Thomas Patrick

Why overly specific CVs are also bad

My regular readers know how much I preach against generic CV’s,the kind with a vague, cliché ridden objective statement, followed by the laundry list of STUFF designed to appeal to as many hiring authorities as possible. Today, I want to discuss the generic CV’s evil twin, the “Dense, ov...

Lauren Celano


Life takes time – Part 1: Hiring Seasons

Just like the ocean waves, hiring is a process with peaks (fall and spring) and troughs (summer and winter). Certainly, some hiring occur during the troughs, but fewer than the peaks.  During the slower periods, I advise people to actively set aside time to self-reflect. Consider what you want,...