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What Are PhDs?

Couple of weeks ago I came across Google Poems. Apparently, it’s a Reddit page with some quite hilarious poems about the phrases generated by Google Instant, the official name for the “auto-suggest/complete” feature of Google, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with when you start typing a...

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How to identify “relevant” recruiters

Finding a good recruiter who works in your area of interest can be extremely beneficial for your job search. With thousands of recruitment firms, ranging from one person companies that focus on specific roles, i.e. director level clinical affairs roles, to multinational organizations that focus on m...



Gay Scientists in Love: Same-sex Marriages, US Immigration Law, and Work Visas

The US immigration system has become more and more difficult in recent years, even for well-educated and experienced scientists who wish to come to the US, or to remain in the US after completing their studies.  However, a recent US Supreme Court decision has just made things easier for some!



Getting a Professional Opinion

Today I want to focus on something that I believe a lot of scientists should consider getting – getting a professional opinion.  We are all familiar with the idea of being trained by an expert in our field of interest, after all that is what we did with our doctoral degrees, but we don’t se...

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It’s OK to be Selfish!

I have a Type A personality (with a capital A), and so, when I face a big decision, I like to consider all aspects, both good and bad, prior to making it. When it comes to my career, part of that process has included talking to others with expertise or experience in the areas I am considering. Howev...



Cultural Fit: Are You Out of Place @ Your Work Place?

Another blind date.  It started with a call from a recruiter.  One of my former employers gave me name to colleague who was looking for a department head with women’s health experience.  And like (at least, how I imagine to be),  we started the engagement wi...



Increasing your Professional Perception

Ever since I moved away from the bench, I have been reading new books to provide me with tips and tools for my new “Administrator” role.  I have also met with a professionalism coach.  Occasionally, the tips I have heard or seen don’t appear to be pertinent to me.  However, afte...



Planning my career Part II

This is my second installment in 2013 on this site – for a brief introduction and background, please see my initial entry. 

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“How to develop opening lines” Networking Advice

For many, starting a conversation with someone new at a networking event causes much anxiety. People worry about what to say, how the person will respond, and/or what to do if the person is not interested in talking. Below are a few suggestions to remove the anxiety and enable seamless conversations...



Better the devil you know than the devil you don't

Even though jobs, relationships, and cities make you unhappy or uncomfortable, you stay in them because of loss aversion. Loss aversion keeps you where you are, because the fear of losing what you have is greater than the reward associated with pursuing what you want. Don’t worry– we all do it.&...