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Great LinkedIn Profiles - The 5 key Items

Your career success is dominated by connectivity, the flexibility and bilateral interaction with people you can reach, and who can reach you. That, in turn, means the number, speed and intensity with which you can communicate. That is power. This is where your use of LinkedIn as a means of connectin...



The Relevance of Graduate Education

Do you think that the majority of graduate education programs today are providing relevant education and training to their students in relation to the jobs that graduates are actually obtaining? 



Planning a career transition

Physician career transitioning is a growth industry. Generational work-life attitudes, practice hassles, government regulations and just the meteoric pace of healthcare change are forcing practitioners to reassess their commitment to clinical medicine. A lot of them are plotting a plan B. As a resul...



How to Stay on Top?

You got into science because you are passionate about understanding how things work or maybe because the white lab coat is totally your style. And so you went to grad school, chose a lab and started working on your super-exciting-this-is-going-to-be-a-Cell-paper project. Then, you get sucked in with...


Thomas Patrick

Just Say No

Hello everyone! This can be a hot topic, so understand that the opinions I am about to lay out are mine and mine alone. I don’t speak for the Five O’Clock Club on this, nor do I speak for Bio Careers. At a recent conference for career professionals where I was teaching a workshop, I wa...



How to Give an Effective Talk

We’ve all been there, sitting through yet another B-O-R-I-N-G seminar that you decided to attend because the title sounded so interesting, your boss told you to go or, let’s be honest, there was free food involved.

Lauren Celano


Top ten tips to identify the companies you want to work for

Numerous options exist to identify potential companies to work for, especially those companies that are innovative, but not (yet) well-known. Below is a top ten list of ways to uncover exciting and innovative companies relevant to your area(s) of interest. The advice provided below is applicable to ...



A Round About Way to Academia

My new life begins tomorrow. Except, tomorrow isn’t tomorrow; it is more fittingly next week, next month, next semester, or next year. Regardless of when it comes, though, what I believe happens tomorrow is always the same: “tomorrow I begin the career that fulfills me in every way.” 



Becoming An Expert In Things I Enjoy

As a graduate student, I worked really hard to do the things that graduate students are supposed to do. I went to the seminars. I read the journal club papers. I did well in my classes. And I will admit that I was often pretty jealous of other people who weren’t so regimented about those things, b...



Working as a Technology Licensing Intern

One of the important factors in my job hunt was that after my defense, my husband accepted a job in Seattle. Seattle is very far from Pittsburgh, where I graduated, but much closer to our friends and family. It was a great opportunity for his career, and of all the places we could end up, the Seattl...