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What do pronouns during phone conversations, chats, and the live interview say about your level of social integration?

This posting is a continuation of the “pronouns on the resume/CV …” Just as pronouns on the resume begin to provide an insight into a candidate’s social footprint, the phone conversation and interview finalize the assessment about the “social fit” with the culture of an organization. Eve...



That Science CV into a Resume for the Real World!

This week I have officially started working on my law school application packages. The first roadblock comes from the most unlikely of sources --- my chock–full-o’-science CV.



Self-Reflection and a Current CV – Thoughts from a Working Vacation

As I write this, I’m taking a break from teaching duties while at Cold Spring Harbor Labs in Long Island, NY. This place is breathtaking (and not just from the humidity)! It’s hardcore science mixed with art and nature. Two doors down from my imaging classroom is Jim Watson’s (co-discoverer of...



What pronouns on the resume/CV say about your level of social integration!

As a behavioral communications coach, I train clients to look for evidence that will help predict the future behavior of a candidate. As a hiring team, we key on three events to help in this phase of assessing a candidate’s qualifications; the resume/CV, conversations and the interview (and job n...



Are You Job Hunting? What Will Employers Find When They Google You?

Online social media is a fantastic tool for job hunting. The “Big 3” (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) each have their own unique style that you can utilize in different ways for your job search. But while you’re working these sites to land the perfect medical sales job, employers an...



What’s Keeping You From Getting the Job?

Believe it or not, the greatest obstacle you have in your job search is probably your perception of it.  What does the job search mean to you? The job search is a sales process—even if your job’s not remotely related to sales.  And in the job search, you’re the product.  The em...



Networking Is Nothing to Fear

“It’s all about who you know, and I know Crackle.”  The comedian Mitch Hedberg knew the value of networking when he spoke these words.  Of course his ultimate goal was to gain a spot on the front of a Rice Krispies box (he thought the whole Wheaties thing was a bit overdone). 


Johnson Whitmore

Help! I Need a Resume…ah,…or Maybe a CV?

You are ready to start your job search and you know that you need a sharp marketing tool to send to potential employers. Good for you for knowing the importance of a well-written summary of your education, professional accomplishments, and abilities. You might even have an old resume from the past, ...


Thomas Patrick

Networking - How to say hello.

Hello Everyone!Here’s another installment on everyone’s least favorite topic, networking. Last time, we talked about ways to start networking if you don’t know anyone...actually, if you’ve gone through your contact list a few times to no effect, it can feel like you don’t know anyone,...