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Is Your Dog In Your Network?

When I'm out talking to grad students and postdocs about the ins and outs of making the jump to the business world, one of the discussions that always gets going is about networking.  Networking is clearly one of those topics that generates a lot of interest, misinformation, and fear.  So ...



Escape From Lab and Think About Your Future

The 11th annual fellows and young investigators colloquium of National Cancer Institute (NCI) has been held in Williamsburg, VA from February 23-25th. The purpose of this retreat is to foster networking among young investigators, to facilitate career-development opportunities and to moderate the com...



Life After Thesis Defense

I am a little behind in my blog posts because I became overwhelmed with my thesis defense. The big day finally came, and I was able to present the work I’ve done over the last several years since arriving at Scripps Florida. I was very fortunate that my family lives fairly close, so my mom, sister...



March Madness in the government

We are now a few weeks into the “NCAA March Madness” of the college basketball championships. In my past experience outside of the government, filling in the tournament brackets and following the events served to build community among co-workers, encouraging friendly competition and camaraderie....

Lauren Celano


The importance of tailoring a resume when applying for jobs

Resumes are important to showcase your “personal brand.” They are what companies and individuals see when you apply to jobs.  They highlight your skills, tell a story, and explain why your skills are relevant for a particular job.   


Thomas Patrick

Working With Independent Recruiters Pt 4: “Show them the money”?

As you can guess, this installment is about “the money question”... We’re not talking about salary negotiations.  Rather, I have some strategies to help you answer the recruiters when they ask you the following: “How much money are you making, anyway”?Most folks answer with somet...



Planning for your Future Career

For many of us, the reasons we focused on achieving our Ph.D. may be clear cut--we are destined for greatness in the academic arena.  For others, it was just the path of least resistance and allowed the continuation of the “student lifestyle” in a comfortable research field.  

Lauren Celano


Lauren’s blog: Insights on the Job Search Process

I am passionate about career development and assisting people in making the right connections for career and personal success.  I really enjoy working with individuals who have advanced degrees and who want to make a difference through their scientific foundation and business interests.



Evidence-based life coaching

I remember reading a very interesting article in The New Yorker by Dr. Atul Gawande entitled “Personal Best,” in which he emphasizes that even highly skilled and trained surgeons can improve their techniques with a coach.He asked a coach to watch him in surgery and point out potential improvemen...



What to concentrate on: My Career, my Visa, or Both?

Over the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, I found myself in San Francisco for the first time. While there are (so I’ve heard) a multitude of Irish bars and ex-pats in the city to be able to fully immerse oneself in the activities of a traditional celebration, this was not the reason I found myself ...