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Stepping outside of academia in the comfort of your own room – Virtual Job Summit!

You know that an academic life may not be the right one for you, but what do you do now?  For many people, myself included, the academic path has been a straightforward one that offered little opportunity to learn about the other career choices available in the world.  Even as I knew I wan...


Thomas Patrick

Working with Independent Recruiters, pt 3

Today, we are continuing our discussion on working with independent recruiters.  In our last installment, we talked about how to decide WHICH voice or email messages left by recruiters were worth responding to.  To recap, you want the ones who identify themselves immediately as a recruiter...



How is your job hunt going?

I assume that many of you reading blogs on Bio Careers are recent grads or grads-to-be, and are scanning trade journals and websites looking for that plum position. 



Preparation and knowledge is key.

The headline isn’t really news I suppose. In all aspects of our life, the better prepared you are, the easier (in general) things are to work through and accomplish. Although I was a little disappointed that when I became a new parent a few years ago that there was no instruction booklet. Despite ...



The 80/20 Rule Makes a Better 30/60/90-Day Plan

Are you familiar with the 80/20 Rule?  If not, I’ll tell you about it in the video below.  And then I’ll show you how you can apply it to creating a 30/60/90-Day Plan for your next job interview.And if you’re not familiar with 30/60/90-Day Plans, you are missing out—these are amazi...


Thomas Patrick

Working With Independent Recruiters Pt 2

This time around, we are continuing on the topic of working with independent recruiters. A very common question I get is this: “I am contacted by recruiters all day long – how do I know which one I should work with, since they all sound alike – is there a way to tell which ones deserve a ...



Do Your Homework to Get an A+ in the Job Interview

Doing your homework before a job interview means different things to different people, just like it does in school.  Some people skate by, and some people knock it out of the park.  To get the job in this economy, you’ve got to prepare for the interview like the best of the best—with a...



The Job Interview Question You Should Always Ask

Asking questions of your own in the interview is a great interview strategy.  It makes you look good, and gives you tremendous insight into what the hiring manager is most interested in.But there’s one question that’s the best question of all, and you should never fail to ask it.In the vide...



Marketing for Scientists

I often hear people in different jobs and career levels comment that in this economy there are no jobs or funding to apply for.  With all the advice from the various Bio Careers bloggers, and from receiving career opportunity updates, I know that is wrong.  Therefore, how do you make yours...



Cover Letters

As I have searched for postdoctoral positions, the postdocs in my research group have suggested using websites like and the job listings on the Science and Nature sites. Surprisingly, I only saw a few advertisements where a cover letter was specifically requested. I do not have much ...