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Lauren Celano


The Importance of your “Online Personal Brand”

Your online personal brand, that is how you portray yourself and how others see you, is very important for your networking and job search process. Even if you are not looking for a job, how your brand yourself online matters. Below are a few examples.Networking Scenario: 


Thomas Patrick

A common objection I get from unemployed people

“I need a job, who has time to think and write?” I hear this every time I am talking with a client for the first time.  I get it, you’re frustrated, angry, teetering on the edge financially. Still, you aren’t excused from doing the heavy lifting that a job search requires... l...



Coming to a close

As I write this blog entry, I reflect on all the things that have happened over the last year.  I got approval to defend my thesis, then successfully defended said thesis in March. I started looking for potential postdoc positions last year, then went on interviews in April. The interviews were...



Eight reasons to network

Many scientists cringe at the suggestion of having to network. Some are uncomfortable with the idea of networking because they feel that they have to be fake or sleazy. Networking can certainly induce anxiety among introverts and extroverts alike because they must engage complete strangers in forced...



WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (PART I)

Mergers and acquisitions are rampant in the pharmaceutical industry.  As companies consolidate and reorganize,   downsizing is the norm and many talented people lose their jobs.  Some will take early retirements.  Some may  take a break if they get  severance.  But...


Thomas Patrick

Time Management as a Life Skill

Today’s blog is inspired (as usual) by a conversation I recently had... the actual quote that got my wheels turning was this:“Gosh Tom, everything you ask me to do really takes up a lot of my time” This was after my third email asking for his finished assessment exercises. Yes, I said THI...

Lauren Celano


A few thoughts on using LinkedIn for career searching and networking

LinkedIn is ubiquitous among professionals and people aspiring to be in the workforce. This is an amazingly useful tool to build connections, keep track of people, and brand yourself.  The following are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively based upon my experiences. Your Picture



Tips on networking outside of academia

One of the best ways to land a new job is through personal contacts.  As a scientist in academia, you have many opportunities to forge relationships within academia through seminars, conferences and more.  However, if you are interested in learning more about career opportunities outside o...



The National Postdoctoral Association Meeting 2012

As I have previously mentioned, I am an individual member of the National Postdoctoral Association ( ), and I recently attended my third annual NPA meeting in San Francisco.  This year marked the 10th annual meeting and was wonderful due to the attention to detai...



An Individual Path to Permanent Residence in the Interests of the United States.

Many people have heard of the traditional method of obtaining permanent residence in the United States. From a somewhat simplistic standpoint, this is viewed as being ‘sponsored for a Green Card.’ During that process, a sponsoring employer files paperwork  with the Department of Labor and, ...