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Explaining your transition

Once you decide that you are going to make a career transition, you are going to have to answer the question Why, “why make the transition?” And sometimes that will be worded as a skeptical “Why not stay?” Having an answer to this question matters because it helps others understand wher...



When transitioning from academia to pharma, academic scientists need their C.R.E.A.M! – Analysis

When transition from academia to pharma industry, you will be hired to solve problems.  There is a reason that they are looking to hire someone.  The company has a problem of some type.  Maybe it’s because that they have more work than can be completed by the staff at hand.   M...



Field Your Position

The Little League in Georgia selected my six-year-old godson to play in the All-Star team, and I was excited to attend the final game. Not only did the coach ensure each child had a turn to bat, but he also allowed each child to man a different position on the field throughout the course of the...


Thomas Patrick

Are Resumes and CV's relevant in the modern job search?

Hello Everyone! As you might imagine, I spend a lot of time perusing what is hot, new and happening as far as job search trends, and what the new school “thought leaders” are putting out there. One thing I keep seeing is how print resumes and CV's are going (or should go) the way of th...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo


How to say no to your boss

Is it appropriate to say no to your boss when he or she asks you to do something, or to take on a new project? First, let me tell you that it is indeed ok to say no to your boss. However, you have to say it in a specific way and only under certain situations. Otherwise, it can hurt your career....


Thomas Patrick

How to not waste valuable job search time

Hello Everyone! This time we're going to take a look at three foundational principles that will keep you organized and focused on your job search. Anyone who has read my blogs for a long time knows that I am a firm believer in not spinning your wheels. Spinning your wheels causes anxiety, ...


Shu Chin

Cut the productivity clutter

I will be the first one to admit that I am mighty talented when it comes to finding ways to procrastinate or frivolously waste time on a daily basis. You’d think it was an Olympic sport. So, past the half way mark of 2015, I am finally getting around to my awfully neglected New Year’s resol...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo


Having clear expectations on your job

We all know that we have many more job responsibilities than the ones originally stated on the job description. It is more and more common to see “other responsibilities” listed as a responsibility in many advertised jobs, and these can be anything that your supervisors can think of that mi...


Thomas Patrick

If they can't find you, they can't hire you.

Hello Everyone! Our topic this time is how to avoid making the hiring authority think you are an unreliable flake. If you give that impression, all the latest fads in job search won't help you. Job search is difficult enough, without putting roadblocks in your own way. You have to remember...



Meet-ups: Making them part of your career strategy

Being part of a group that enjoys similar interests and shared experiences is not a recent phenomenon. When we were younger and in school, we’d gather with those who liked playing the same sports or volunteering for the same cause. It was a chance not just to form bonds, but to expand our awa...