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How I got into freelance writing: An unintended consequence?

We've all been there. It's Sunday afternoon and the feeling of dread hits. Tomorrow is Monday and it's the start of another work week. I'd been working at a medical communications agency for about 3 years doing medical writing and publication planning. I was their one and only in-house PhD. It s...



You have more skills than you think….

Greetings Bio Careers groupies.  This month has been crazy.  If you aren’t in the business world, then September 30th probably doesn’t mean much except maybe Oktoberfest is just around the corner.  This month has been busy, busy, busy at AxHill, trying to get “year end” ...


Reineke Pohlhaus

Speaking the “Language of the Guys”

Recently, the New York Times (NYT) published an article called “Feminism of the Future Relies on Men,” in which the author talks about the importance of speaking the language of the guys to change workplace culture.  This is not a new message; it’s something that women have known for...


Ex Lab

University and Class Distinctions (or The Money Gap)

My parents and older siblings are first generation immigrants. I am the first natural-born Canadian in my family. I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in a small bungalow. My parents would be considered uneducated, but I learned my most valuable lessons from them: Don’t pre-judge people. ...



Getting a Job and Succeeding in Your Job: Three Layers to the Onion

Given the current state of the economy and current job market, it's predictable that the pressures and stresses on PhDs finishing their postdocs to find jobs are significant.  It's also becoming increasingly clear that opportunities in the traditional academic career path, although availabl...


Reineke Pohlhaus

Whoa … It’s the Matrix

If you think The Matrix was mind-bending, check out matrix management for an organizational structure that also bends. That is, bends reporting lines.  Matrix management is a type of organizational management style where people from different departments are pooled to work on a project.&nb...


Ex Lab

My ‘Team-Building’ Rant

Let me start by saying I love my job. I really do, but I have been at my current job for less than four years, and I already cringe at the mere mention of team building exercises. Those in management, or rather consultants, advise us that team building exercises will foster and encourage a team ...


Reineke Pohlhaus

How to Sink an Interview

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews this week, trying to find the best fit for an available position.  Some interviews went well, others not so much. Here are some tips on what to avoid, unless you want to sink your chances:



Just Do It

Nike did indeed precede me in establishing the title phrase of this blog.  However, it is a statement that we should remind ourselves to obey.  Several ideas and goals have been known to come and go simply because they are not pursued.  What exactly does a person have to lose when ...



Hello World!

Hello, world! It’s a pleasure to be writing for Bio Careers – my first entry and my first blog. I consider myself fortunate to have enjoyed science from a number of vantage points (in no particular order): mixing art and science; academia and a graduate degree; my first job in biotech; the excit...